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Melbourne Aikikai is now located on A1A, 3.3 miles north of our previous Dojo.

576 Highway A1A
Coral Sea Way and A1A

Melbourne Aikikai, Aikido Center of Melbourne, Florida (Aikido of Indian Harbour Beach, Satellite Beach, Indialantic Aikido)  provides martial arts, self defense classes in Aikido, Iaido, and Weapons martial arts. Aikido is a distinct martial art in that the energy of the attacker is redirected and used to apply pressure to specific joints. Aikido, is not a sport martial art or competitive in any nature, but rather focuses on the aspect of cooperative training. The application of aikido is direct and fast, providing rapid self defense against multiple attacks. The fundamentals of Aikido teach:

1. Balance
2. The application of getting off line from, and blending with, the attacker
3. Timing and strategic positioning
4. Counter attack (disarming/disabling)

Aikido defense fundamentals involve expansion extension, contraction, and again expansion that follows the same energy as a crashing ocean wave on the vertical axis and a hurricane/tornado energy form on the horizontal axis. Due to the use of centrifugal/centriputal forces Aikido is fast and efficient disabling an attacker typically in less than 2 seconds.

The creator of Aikido, "O'Sensei" Morihei Ueshiba, blended derived skills from the Samurai warrior's katana (sword) forms, weapons Kenjutsu, Kendo, Jujutsu, Aiki Jutsu, Aiki-budo, and Aikijutsu. For this reason, Aikido uses circular, spherical movements that connects one's upper body to the earth through the torso and legs providing power, efficiency, and control.

Aikido is a great practical defense form for people of all ages and sizes at all athletic abilities. The practice of Aikido and weapons training provides critical hand eye coordination skills, balance, self confidence, and ultimately internal peace and mind/body harmony as O'Sensei's famous writings on "The Art of Peace" poetically describes.

Please join us during our normal hours for a demonstration and tour of the facilities.

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